Monday, August 3, 2015

Jefferson Davis, Jr.-- Part 1

On Saturday I wrote about Mort Kinsler's White House Strategy meeting with Lee, Jackson and Jefferson Davis at the Confederate White House in Richmond, Virginia, on July 13, 1863.  An onlooker in the picture was Jefferson Davis' son, Jefferson Davis, Jr, five years old.

From the Papers of Jefferson Davis.

Jefferson Davis, Jr. (1857-1878).

There is a photo of him taken in the mid 1870s.

The namesake of his father, Jefferson Davis, Jr., was actually the president's second son (Samuel died three years before Jefferson was born).

He is described as a rambunctious child who really enjoyed his life in the Confederate White House where staff and aides indulged him no end, often calling him "General."

--Old Secesh

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