Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mort Kunstler's Civil War Calendar for August 2015-- Part 1

It is nice to get away from the mostly depressing Confederacy Under Attack blog entries.  I just get angry while doing them.

At or near the beginning of every month, I take a look at the new page of this excellent calendar and write what it is about.

This one is titles "White House Strategy" and shows a meeting at the Confederate White House in Richmond, Virginia.  President Jefferson Davis is sitting at his desk listening to General Robert E. Lee going over military plans as General Thomas Jackson looks on.  Better known, of course, as Stonewall Jackson.  There is a young boy looking around the door at the proceedings, but no mention as to his name.

Unfortunately, the text below the picture did not say who he was, but I would suppose he might be one of Jefferson Davis' sons.

Of course, there is whole lot of detail in the painting, a regular trademark of anything Mr. Kunstler does.  He does his research.

--Old Secesh

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