Monday, August 10, 2015

Lincoln Never Dies-- Part 4

"People have been carving and casting tributes to Lincoln ever since his death."

But one man in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, Dave Kloke has made a big statement.  Twenty years ago, after watching a documentary of Lincoln's efforts to get the transcontinental railroad built, he put his skills to use and built a replica of an 1860s steam engine which he completed about nine years ago.

Not satisfied at that point, and at a friend;s suggestion, he began researching the custom-made train car that carried Lincoln's coffin.  The original car, sadly, was destroyed by a fire in 1911.

Over the past five years he has built a copy of the dark maroon car with gold leaf and brass fittings.

He had hoped to hook it up to his locomotive and re-travel the exact route of the procession, but was unable to find financial sponsors.  He and volunteers, however, have finished it and hope to get it to Springfield, Illinois, by early May and then have it go on tour.

Thanks, Mr. Kloke.  --Old Secesh

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