Friday, August 28, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 29

Awesome Kids Get On Camera and Fight Confederate Flag.  (They even went so far as to call the Second national Confederate Flag as representing white supremacy because of all the white on it.)

Dallas NAACP Wants to Remove Confederate Statues From Public Property in Dallas.

State scrubs Confederate holidays from official calendar.  (Georgia)

Vero Beach student under investigation for ripping Confederate Flag from classmate's truck.

Letter:  Confederate Flag belongs in museum.

Preservation group to hold forum on alternatives to removing Confederate monuments.

North Fort Myers High School student kicked off campus for Confederate Flag.

Editorial: Walton's unwanted notoriety.  (Walton County, Florida's Confederate Flag)

Appeals court:  Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter can sue Memphis over park renaming.

--Old Secesh

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