Saturday, August 22, 2015

Monumental Battles Brew Over Confederate Symbols-- Part 1: The Battle in Louisiana and Texas

From the August 20, 2015, Chicago Tribune by Natalie Schachar.

The national debate over the Confederate Flag and symbols has boiled over into Louisiana and Texas.

At issue are statues of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and President Jefferson Davis among others.

Historians, civil rights leaders and public officials have argued over the place of Confederate symbols ever since the June murders in Charleston which caused the Confederate Flag on the South Carolina Capitol grounds to be removed.

Now officials at the University of Texas in Austin say they will delay plans to relocate a statue of Davis after the Sons of Confederate Veterans requested a temporary restraining order in a state district court.

That decision came a day after the university announced they would move the statue from the center of campus, but allow the statues of Lee and other Confederate leaders to remain.

A hard Time to Be a Confederate.  --Old Secesh

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