Friday, August 28, 2015

The Horrible Murders in Virginia: Waiting for the Backlash

Yesterday's news of the reporter and cameraman being killed in Virginia raises the question of whether there will be a huge backlash against certain groups.

The two killed were white as was the badly wounded white person they were interviewing.  The murderer was black and I also hear he was gay.

To me this is a racist killing, well two killings.  I expect there to be as much anger as developed after the Charleston murders.  If all things Confederate can come under attack because of the racist killings there, surely it will happen because of the racist killings in Virginia.

This time the hate spewing forth should go against something blacks and gays hold dear.  Perhaps any of the black racist groups like the NAACP, Black College Fund or BET and definitely black use of the "N" word and the objectionable lyrics in rap music.  Maybe the gay flag should be banned as many find it objectionable.

If the Confederate Flag and statues can come under such public attack, it only makes sense that the action of one individual, like the one individual in Charleston, should bring about a similar reaction.

Let's Be Fair About This Thing.  I'll Be Waiting and Holding My Breath.  --Old Secesh

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