Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 30

Julianne Moore petitions to change high school named after Confederate general.  (J.E.B. High School in Virginia)

Confederate Flag is a Symbol of History and Heritage.

New Orleans group to discuss future of Confederate monuments.

The Perfect Replacement for the Confederate Flag.  A flag with blue stars over picture of Burt Reynolds as the Bandit.  (from the Deadspin site)

Hidden Confederate memorials up for debate at local church.  St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, where Lee and Davis worshipped and were members.

Walpole School Committee Apologizes for resident's Confederate Flag.  (On private property near the high school  The school is nicknamed the Rebels.

Poll" More Virginians see Confederate battle flag as symbol of heritage than racism.

--Old Secesh

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