Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 17

More Google and yahoo! alert headlines.

The Confederate Flag and the lives of symbols.

Confederate Flag rally in Danville draws hundreds.

Couple weds at Confederate Flag rally.

District judge rules Virginia can ban Confederate Flag license plates.  (Actually these license plates are for the Sons of Confederate Veterans whose logo includes a Confederate flag.)

Confederate Flags left near Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Church.  (Well, at least it wasn't spray-painted. Perhaps those folks spray painting slogans on Confederate memorials should start using flags or banners which are also easily removed.)

Hank Johnson makes incognito inspection of Confederate Flag rally.

First Sunday at Ebeneezer Church in Atlanta since the flags placed there.

Confederate Flag supporters are comparing their opponents to ISIS.

Confederate Flag rally at Georgia's Stone Mountain.

--Old Secesh

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