Friday, October 2, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 66: Taking "Racist" Money-- Part 1

On yesterday's Confederacy Under Attack, I found the headline about the high school student not wanting to take a scholarship from a "Confederate Organization" of somewhat interest, so went to the article in Slate Magazine.  The site was essentially a "Dear Abby" one where advice is given, in this case by Emily Yoffe.

The high school student wrote: "Help! Should I Accept Scholarship Money From a Confederate Organization?  I Don't Want Racist Money!

I think it would imply that I was proud of my Confederate ancestors, which I am not, and that I support this organization, which I don't.  Am I being 'too PC?"

His/her parents had said to take it if she got it.

Actually, I wonder why he/she even bothered to write Emily as her intent is fairly easy to see.  I know our local Chicago area Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #506 at one time offered scholarships to high school students in Illinois of Confederate descent.  I imagine some United Daughters of the Confederacy groups do as well.

Personally, I never donated a single "racist" dollar to any of those scholarships.

Emily Zoffe's Reply in Next Post. Do You Think She Said Yes or No?   --Old Secesh

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