Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 90: Ole Miss Students Vote on State Flag Removal

From the Oct. 19, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Volunteer Rebels?  Tennessee County votes Monday on raising Confederate Flag.  (Greene County, Tennessee) (We'll see if win or loss)

Maryland gets okay to recall Confederate Flag plates, Virginia recall meets defiance.  (Loss and Win)

Making a Home in the Shadow of Confederate Symbols.  (NPR)  (Loss) Upset about a Confederate memorial in front of nearly every courthouse or intersection in the South.

Ole Miss votes Tuesday on Confederate symbol.  (Mississippi) (Win or Loss)  Students are voting on whether or not to remove the Mississippi state flag from campus.  (I'm sure they will vote to remove it.)

Florida Senate to Remove Confederate Battle Flag From Seal.  (Loss)  However, now they should remove all of the flags since every one of the countries have done things in history that are shameful.

Bill Torg At Large: At Stone Mountain, how about a Confederate memorial that tells the truth.  (Loss)

Beauvoir annual fall muster brings up confederate flag discussion.  (Mississippi)  (Draw, perhaps win).  Beauvioir was the postwar home of President Jefferson Davis.  I noticed how the word Confederate wasn't spelled with a capital "C".

--Old Secesh

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