Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 86: Confederate Drive to Become Cricket East Drive

From the Oct. 16, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederate.

Confederate Flag license plates likely to be recalled in Maryland.  (Loss)  These would by SCV license plates.

Forest Park's 'Confederate Drive' renaming put on hold.  (St. Louis) (Loss) The 600-foot road's name will be changed to Cricket East drive, but one alderman isn't satisfied with that and wants it named for a Civil rights hero.  Also, there is a Confederate memorial paid for by the UDC and erected in 1914 that has been vandalized in the park that there is discussion about moving.

After Confederate Flag battle, South Carolina senator questions Massachusetts banner.  (Win)  The seal shows and Indian standing in surrender with an arm holding a drawn sword ready to strike above his head.  The way I look at it, if things that offend people are found, they should be removed.

Group Will Protest Confederate Flag Resolution.  (Greeneville Tn.Sun)  (Loss)  The resolution in question says that the flag should be flown to honor Tennesseeans who fought for the Confederacy and the flag represents "heritage and history that our country should be proud of."

Country legends Confederate Railroad to play Albany show.  I wonder if they've been under fire for their name?

Bust of confederate statue being removed.  (Vicksburg, Mississippi)  (Not really a win-loss situation at this time.)  I noticed "confederate" was spelled without a capital "C."  The bust is of Confederate General William Walker and it is being removed because of severe erosion.  But, I bet there will be an outcry about its return to the military park because of that Confederate thing.

Praise Steve Spurrier as Conscious of South Over Confederate Flag.  (Loss)  He spoke out against it.  Spurrier was the former coach at the University of South Carolina who resigned (partly because of the losing season they're having).  Of course, this Conscious of the South was earning $4 million plus a year while students and parents are scrambling to afford ever-increasing tuition.

Not the Conscious of the South.  --Old Secesh

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