Friday, October 9, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 73

October 4th and 5th, 2-15 Google Confederate Alerts.

'Rebel Ride advocated heritage.  Columbus Dispatch and Commercial.  (Win)  About a motorcycle ride.

Letter: Hornell has no problem with Confederate Flag.  (The Evening Tribune)  (Win)

Confederate Flag controversy continues.  (from the Communique)  (Draw)

The shame of Yale's Calhoun College.  (Confederate connections?)  (Loss)

Poll: Two-thirds of Louisiana voters oppose removing Confederate monuments.  (Win)

Weighty Issues: Erected in era of the Gilded Age, Jim Crow.  Lexington Ky. Herald-Leader.  This is about the removal of the statues of John Hunt Morgan and John C. Breckenridge from the grounds of the Old Fayette County Courthouse.  The author says they shouldn't be removed.  (Win)

SG (Student Government) addresses gameday controversy, makes progress on new initiatives.  (Louisiana State University tailgaters like to fly purple and gold Confederate Flags.  The SG is offering to exchange them for a regular LSU flag.  (From the Daily Reveille of LSU)  (Loss)

--Old Secesh

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