Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 79

From the October 11, 2015, Google Alerts for Confederacy.

Sons of Confederate Veterans say they're preserving history, not racism.  (Kansas City Star)  (Win)

Confederate symbolism conversation comes to the Grove.  (Daily Mississippian)  (Draw)

Sons of Confederate Veterans holds Southern Heritage Festival at Columbia headquarters.  (Tennessee)  (Win)

Letter: Most didn't fight Union over slavery.  (Knoxville Tn News Sentinel)  (Win)  It went on to say that most Confederate soldiers were farmers, laborers or landless tenants.  They did not own slaves.  Only 6% of Confederate soldiers owned slaves, mostly officers.  This point is overlooked so often.  Too many people today believe that all Confederates owned slaves.

--Old Secesh

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