Friday, October 2, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 67: Taking "Racist" Money-- Part 2: The "Unlikely Scholarship"


She agreed that college is expensive and that scholarships help.  "However, I agree that this money is tainted, especially as it comes with the strings of requiring some kind of promotion of the grandness of the Confederacy from its recipients.

"Surely to apply, you have to do more than just give genealogical proof that you are related to someone who fought to keep slavery intact.  You would likely have to write an exam about how you will use your scholarship funds toward the glory of it.

"That would be fraud and you should not engage in it.  Your letter is a reminder of just how many unlikely scholarships there are out there.

"So you and your parents should start researching whether you are eligible for financial help from a source that you can honestly embrace."

I definitely agree with the last sentence and the high school student might further write the organization that was offering the scholarship a letter explaining why she didn't want their money.

Just Goes to Show How Far Our Anti-Confederate Friends Will Go.  The Keeper of the "Unlikely Scholarships."  --Old Secesh

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