Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Follow Up on South Washington, NC and Goldsboro Units

I am somewhat familiar with North Carolina towns between Wilmington and Goldsboro and had never heard of one called South Washington.  So, I had to do some more research.

There is no longer any town called South Washington near the New Hanover County line.  Perhaps it became present-day Castle Haynes, which, by the way, was named for the plantation of Roger Hayne.  I always thought that was a strange name for the name.  There are no castles in the area.

Having been born in Goldsboro and with plenty of family still there, I came across the 27th North Carolina Regiment's Company A, which was the Goldsboro Rifles, a famous unit from that city in which my great uncle David Prince served during World War I.  The 27th North Carolina was the regiment in the two previous posts.

While on the subject, there were three other groups of Confederate soldiers from Goldsboro:

Goldsboro Volunteers, Co. D, 4th Regt. NC State Troops
Goldsborough Confederate Rifles, Co. H, 2nd Regt. NC State Troops
Goldsborough Guards, Co. H, 9th Regt. NC Troops

Goldsborough was the original spelling of Goldsboro.

Why It Takes So Long to Do These Blogs.  --Old Secesh

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