Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fayetteville at War, January 1863-- Part 1: Small Pox Outbreak

From the january 27, 2013 Fayetteville (NC) Observer "Civil War 150th Anniversary: January 1863 Developments.

JANUARY 5, 1863


At a Special Court held by the Acting Magistrate of Cumberland County, at the courthouse in Fayetteville:  The court is advised that the Small Pox prevails in different parts of the county and it is important to take measure to prevent its extension.

It is ordered, to establish a Hospital or hospitals for the treatment of cases, to canvass the various districts and see that each and every person is vaccinated to prevent the further extension of the disease.

That patrols in the various districts in the county be requested to co-operate with a committee appointed in performance of guard duty and that all good citizens are requested to extend such aid to the Committee as may be necessary.

First they had worries about yellow fever back in the fall, now small pox.  Efforts to control it would be around establishing hospitals for treatment and patrols keeping a watch out for the disease.

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