Saturday, March 16, 2013

At Camp In South Washington, NC-- Part 1: Rain and Swamps

From the UNC Library System Civil War Day By Day for January 29, 1863.

Letter dated 29 Jan. 1863 from James A. Graham, officer in the "Orange Guard," Co. G, 27th Regt. NC Troops to his father, William A. Graham.

"From Camp near South Washington, NC.

We are camped about a mile or two from a little place called South Washington, just in the edge of New Hanover Co. and about a mile and a half from the Wilmington & Weldon Rail Road.

The county around here is almost one continual swamp.  It has been raining almost all the time since we left Goldsboro on the 19th, in fact to-day is the second time that the sun has shone out at all since we have been in No. Ca. and for awhile we fared pretty badly being out in the rain. without tents, but as we have got some tents now we are getting along a great deal better."

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

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