Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fayetteville, NC, Under Yellow Fever Watch

From the October 6, 1862 Fayetteville newspaper.

"Mayorality of  Fayetteville, Oct. 4--  Captain Barber who died in this town yesterday is reported as a case of yellow fever.  Capt. Barber ran the steamer "North Carolina" between this place and Wilmington.  This makes the third death by yellow fever in this town and vicinity since the disease broke out in Wilmington.  All three cases came from Wilmington.  No case exists now.  Archid McLean, Mayor."

Another article.  This from October 13, 1862.


We are authorized by the Mayor to state that there has been no case of yellow fever here since the three from Wilmington heretofore reported by him, and the town is unusually healthy."

There was a lot of trade on the Cape Fear River between the two cities, making the threat of yellow fever very real to Fayetteville.  However, with the coming of cold weather, the yellow fever was waning in Wilmington.

I'd be Worried Too.  --Old Secesh

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