Saturday, March 16, 2013

The 27th Regiment North Carolina Troops

Of course, I then needed to get some research on this 27th Regt. North Carolina Troops that James A. Graham belonged to.

Graham's company, the "Orange Guards" Co. G, was from Orange County, North Carolina.  There were also two companies from Wayne County, where the Goldsboro Rifles were from.

The regiment was mustered in September 28, 1861 for twelve months.  At that time the regiment was split up with Co. G being sent to Fort Macon, NC.  In March 1862, they were in the defense of New Bern.  From there they went to Richmond and helped hold Drewry's Bluff and fought in the Seven Days' battles.

Later, they were at Harper's Ferry and Antietam and then the Battle of Fredericksburg.  This unit definitely say its share of action.

Then they were transferred to South Carolina for awhile.  This would be the movements that Graham was writing about.

The regiment was in Richmond during the Gettysburg Campaign.

Interesting History.  --Old Secesh

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