Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting Ready to Go to the Battle of Goldsborough Bridge

As we finally get some more springlike weather here in North Carolina, today would seem to be a great time to take a ride out to this battlefield site near Goldsboro, off US-117 on the way to Mount Olive.

The battle marked the end of Union General John G. Foster's raid from New Bern to destroy the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad bridge at Goldsboro, to coincide with Union Genral Burnside's attack on Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Battles were fought at Kinston, Whitehall and Mount Olive on the way.  Once at Goldsboro, Foster's men vastly outnumbered the Confederate force and succeeded in destroying the bridge.  But, the Union loss at Fredericksburg coupled with how rapidly the bridge was repaired essentially negated the strategic success of the raid.

The 150th anniversary was this past December 17, 2012.  The battlefield is still largely intact, having just been used for agricultural purposes since the battle.  A walking tour has been developed with markers and tablets, much of it done by the Goldsboro Rifles Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

A Small Battle Commemorated.  --Old Secesh

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