Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heritage Attacks Continue

Here are some older ones.

APRIL20, 2012-- 

In Athens, Georgia, home of the University of Georgia.  mama's Boy restaurant flies a Confederate flag.  The co-owner says "It is a part of the South we need to commemorate.  he said that they have had 37 flags stolen.

APRIL 24, 2012--

Confederate flag dress keeps Tennessee teen from prom at Gibson City High School.  A school official said the flag was "offensive and inappropriate."

JUNE 11, 2012--

The City of Lexington, Virginia had a civil suit with the Sons of Confederate veterans after the city decided not to allow Confederate flags to be flown on city light poles and city flagpoles during the April Confederate Month.  The judge agreed with the city.

All of these items are nothing but sad that we have come to this, where people are not allowed to commemorate the past as they see fit.

HOWEVER, here's something from the other side of the coin.  Just as the first three are unacceptable, this is as well.  This is also why certain groups are so upset with the flag.

JUNE 5, 2012--  Black teen chased by pickup truck flying Confederate flag in Springfield, Oregon.  There were four whites in it who were yelling out racial slurs.

This Too Is Unacceptable.  --Old Secesh

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