Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Civil War Voices"--Part 5: Captain Theophilus Perry, 28th Texas Cavalry

The program listed him at Theo Percy and his wife Harriet referred to him as Theo.  My first efforts to look him up failed.  My first problem was thinking Theo was short for Theodore.  Later, I found that the man in question's last name was Perry, not Percy. 

In the play, he wore an officer's uniform, but with no officer insignia nor was he ever called by rank.  I did know he and his wife were from Texas.

I finally located information about him.

Captain Theophilus Perry, Co. F, 28th Texas.

Recently, there was a letter cover from him for sale at eBay.  A letter sent to Miss Sally M. Person of Louisburg, Franklin County, NC, a relative of his wife.  A book was written using his letters called "Widows By the Thousand" which chronicled his letters to his wife, Harriet.

Someone wrote on the front of the envelope, "28th Texas."  Sold on eBay 8-23-10.

More to Come.  --Old Secesh

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