Monday, April 15, 2013

Battle of Goldsboro Bridge: NC Civil War Trail

Taken from the Marker by the parking lot of the battle site.

John C Fremont (Union General) left New Bern December 11, 1862, with 10,000 infantry, 640 cavalry and 40 cannons to destroy the Goldsboro Bridge over the Neuse River, a half mile in front of the marker.  The bridge was 3 miles from Goldsboro.  Supplies leaving Wilmington had to cross that bridge.

Foster reached here Dec. 17th after engagements at Kinston and White Hall.  A small Confederate force under generals Gustavus W. Smith, Thomas L. Clingman and Nathan G. Evans defended from the other side of the bridge.  Confederates were pushed away and the bridge was set on fire while Union artillery bombarded it, keeping Confederates from extinguishing the fire.  In the meantime, Union troops began destroying railroad tracks on their side of the river.

Later that afternoon, Foster began his return to New Bern, unaware that the Confederates were preparing a counter attack.  They crossed the opemn field and were repulsed. 

Confederate losses were 150 killed, wounded and missing.  Union fewer than 100.

The bridge was reopened in a few weeks.  Harper's Weekly referred to it as "Skirmish near Goldsboro."

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