Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Confederate Legacy-- Part 2: Goldsboro and Wayne County Supports the War Effort

The next time I'm in Goldsboro, NC, I'll have to check out the Wayne County Public Library which has muster rolls, battle records and regimental histories of Confederate units, including those from the county and town.

The best-known company from the area is the Goldsboro Rifles.  Others were the Saulston Volunteers, Goldsboro Volunteers, Goldsborough Rifles and the Goldsboro Guards.  They all saw a lot of action in various places throughout the war.

However, the Goldsborough Rifles may have been referring to the Goldsboro Rifles as the town's name was spelled both ways back then.

In addition, not every man who served from the area was in one of the listed units.  Many were assigned to other units when they enlisted.

Service to Their Country.  --Old Secesh

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