Monday, April 8, 2013

The Battle of Goldsborough Bridge, 150th Anniversary-- Part 1

From the Dec. 16, 2012, Goldsboro (NC) News-Argus "A battle comes to life--150 years later" by Kenneth Fine.  And a big thanks to Mom for saving the article for me.

"On December 17, 1862, Union and Confederate troops clashed at the Battle of Goldsborough Bridge.  This weekend, re-enactors are on those same fields."

And what makes the re-enactment even more impressive, it was held on the exact land where the original one was fought.  You are not allowed to have re-enactments on federal battlefields.

Goldsborough was the original name of the town, since shortened to Goldsboro.  During the Civil War, it was referred by both ways.

"It has been 150 years since some 15,000 men fought on an 600-acre tract of farmland--along river banks and across a vast ridge, next to a strategic bridge that, by day's end, was broken and burned."

The bridge crossed the Neuse River and carried the vital Wilmington and Weldon Railroad over it.  This provided the supplies coming to lee's Army in Virginia.

I Sure Would Have Liked to Have Been There.  --Old Secesh

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