Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Civil War Voices": The Story-- Part 2

"The combination of the compelling true stories, beautiful music, and the passion of the times delivers an emotional 'wallop' that is hard to describe unless experienced.  Typical words used by audience members to describe the show include 'goose bump raising,' 'stirring,' and 'inspirational.'

The five characters represent a cross section  of America.  Joe Harris was a cotton planter from Alabama with a conflicted conscience about the war.  The discovery of the existence of his diary inspired the play.

Elizabeth Keckley was born a slave , bought her freedom, and became Mary Todd Lincoln's closest friend and personal assistant in the White House.

Theo and Harriet were a young, married couple from Texas, who were separated by the war.  Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a college professor from Maine, who enlisted to fight for the Union.

The play follows the lives of five characters as the Civil War progresses.  Theo Perry's wife gives birth to a son a few months after he leaves to fight in the war.  Joshua Chamberlain changes his opinion about why the war is being fought."

The changes in the characters during the war is one striking part of the play.

Well Worth Seeing If You get the Opportunity.  --Old Secesh

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