Friday, April 12, 2013

Next Time, Get Off I-95 and Take the Averasboro Historic Byway in North Carolina

From the Averasboro Historic Byway brochure.

Get off in Fayetteville and drive northward mostly along US-301, 23 miles to the Civil War Battle of Averasboro site.  You'll see Colonial and Revolutionary War sites as well as a Civil War battlefield and two skirmish sites.  Then you can get back on I-95 at Exit 71.

Support in the Fayetteville, NC, area was strong for the South, but no major engagements took place there until near the end of the war, when, in March 1865, General Sherman's Army came marching and destroying through on their way with a hookup with Grant's Army.

The Left Wing of his army was engaged in a two-day delaying action by a hastily assembled ragtag army of Confederates under the command of General Hardee.  It served as a prelude to the larger Battle of Bentonville.

Worth the Side Trip.  --Old Secesh

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