Friday, April 5, 2013

Heritage Attacks: Tee Shirts-- Memphis

And they just continue.  It sure would be nice to have a truce.  Something along you commemorate your heritage and I won't interfere and you let me do the same.  But, that one group has essentially declared war on mine.

And, there is one group I definitely do now want to stand up for mine as it gets that other group madder than wasps whose nest has been stirred.

1.  TEE SHIRTS--  From the 3-25-13, Charleston (SC) Post and Courier--   The South Carolina Latta School District's decision to bar students from wearing tee shirts featuring Confederate flags has been upheld by a federal appellate court.  This is really made sadder when considered that this is a supposedly Southern school district.

3. MEMPHIS--   From the 3-20 Guardian--  The KKK is to rally in Memphis to protest the back-door changing of the names of Confederate parks.  While I appreciate support, this is one group that must not be allowed to support the flag and name.  That just makes our cause harder to defend.

Old Secesh

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