Saturday, April 13, 2013

Starr's Light Battery: The Pride of Fayetteville, NC

From the March 25, 2012, Fayetteville (NC) Observer "The Civil War 150th Anniversary.

Yesterday and today, I wrote about this unit's service at Fort Fisher in my Running the Blockade Blog.  This is an account from the paper regarding their leaving the city for Confederate service.

MARCH 24, 1862  "Starr's Light Battery goes to Wilmington today on the steamer Hurt at noon.  The company is a picked one, numbering in its ranks many of the best young men of this place who served through the Peninsular Campaign in the two Fayetteville companies of the Bethel regiments.

Col. Starr and his officers are first rate men, all of the same regiment.  The officers and the men are worthy of each other, and wherever they go will do good service."

These are prophetic words considering what they accomplished at Fort Fisher.

The Pride of Fayetteville.  --Old Secesh

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