Monday, April 29, 2013

Confederate Legacy-- Part 1

From the February 28, 2013, Goldsboro (NC) News Argus.

In these times of constant attack on any and everything even remotely Confederate because of slavery, it is a breath of fresh air to see the men who wore the gray become a little more multi-dimensional as opposed to just fighting to keep blacks oppressed in slavery.  I've seen it written that 75% of the people of the South did not even own a slave and that most who did only had one or two.  The huge plantations represented, at best, maybe 5%.

I will just quote the first part of the article.

"History will remember them as men who died for a losing cause, but to their kin, Wayne County's Civil War dead will be treasured... always.

They appear to us now as ghosts-- pale figures in faded photos, stiff and solemn.

But they were real men-- with real courage and extraordinary determination.  Men with one common goal-- to fight hard enough to send the United States Army back to the North from which it came and to create a new country where men of like resolve could live without interference.

Their struggle ended on the wrong side of history.

But that misplaced alliance does not tarnish the bravery shown by the men from Wayne County who served under the Confederate flag.  They fought for home as much as any soldiers anywhere ever have."

A Nice Summation of Their Effort.  --Old Secesh

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