Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Battle of Goldsborough Bridge 150th Anniversary-- Part 4

Randy Sauls continued:"There would be a lot of concussion.  It would be very, very loud.  There would be a whole lot of smoke on the battlefield and you would hear musket fire from the other side of the railroad, and where we are standing now, you would see the 17th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment just along the tree line here fighting their way up."

By early afternoon, Union forces were close to their target.  By 2:00, two Union regiments were jut a few yards from the bridge.  Foster ordered his artillery up and started pounding away at the Confederates on the other side of the river.

Six or seven men run forward and set fire to the bridge.  The fighting continued for a short time and then got quiet as Foster's men started tearing up railroad tracks.  By 4:30, they were leaving the field with their goal accomplished.

But, the Battle Wasn't Yet Over.  --Old Secesh

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