Wednesday, October 2, 2013

General Collett Leventhorpe-- Part 1

From "Generals in Gray" by Ezra J. Warner. I was a bit surprised that Col. Leventhorp of the 11th NC, who I have been writing about the last month or so, became a general, figuring his injuries at Gettysburg would have ended his military career. But, not so, and I found a short article about him in this book. //// Born in Exmouth, Devonshire, England, May 15, 1815. Received appointment to Her Majesty's 14th Regiment of Foot and served a number of years on colonial service. Later emigrated to U.S. and married into a prominent North Carolina family. //// Offered services to that state at outbreak of war and elected colonel of the 34th NC in 1862 and then the 11th NC when it was organized from the olf 1st NC, the "Bethel" regiment. ////Mainly on duty in NC where he gained honor at several engagements. In 1863, the 11th sent to the Army of Northern Virginia. //// Old Secesh

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