Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bits 'O War: 2nd Manassas-- Cavalry Guidons-- Kepis-- 106th Pa. Monument

From the Fall 2012 Preservation Mafazine. //// 1. 2ND MANASSAS-- August 1862, the Confederates win a solid victory on the plains of Manassas, bringing them to the height of their military power. (Personally, I would have thought it was after the battle of Chancellorsville, despite the loss of Stonewall Jackson.) //// CAVALRY GUIDONS-- Union cavalry carried a forked flag into battle as their guidon. //// KEPIS-- The kepi, or forage cap, was a common element of the enlisted soldier's uniform, especially for Union forces. Confederate headgear was much more varied. //// 106TH PA. MONUMENT-- was dedicated in 1889. --Old Secesh

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