Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The "Real" Thing: Robert Lee Hodge in Confederate Uniform

As I mentioned in the previous post, Robert Lee Hodge is shown in a Confederate enlisted man's re-enactment uniform. And, he definitely looks authentic. None of that new "sutler store-bought" or officer stuff for Hodge. A sidebar points to four items he is wearing and gives you more information. //// SLOUCH HAT-- The broad-brimmed sluch hat was often more suitable to endure the rain and sun. This sluch hat is made of wool felt and has seen, according to Hodge, some "hard campaigning." //// COAT-- The cloth is a jean-weave of 85% wool and 15% cotton. North Carolina was the leading domestic manufacturer of uniforms. A whole army ofprincipally women and slave labor was heavily involved in the production of Confederate uniforms. //// BUTTONS-- The non-matching buttons are a combination of domestic North Carolina manufacture and federal officer and enlisted buttons. Brass buttons were the most common, but there were also those made of pewter, tin, glass and wood. //// SHIRT-- The shirt is a reproduction of a Confederate-issue cotton shirt. //// A Properly-Dressed Sesh. --Old Secesh

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