Thursday, April 10, 2014

Colorized Photos of the Civil War

From the October 4, 2013, Huffington Post. //// Some old black and white photos of the Civil War have been colorized by Jordan Lloyd, using digitally colorized Dynachrome as part of restoration. //// The famous photo of three captured Confederates at Gettysburg in 1863 is one of them as is one of Captain Cunnigham and Gen. T.F. Meaghre's staff posing under a tent at Bealton, Virginia, in August 1862. //// Another one features Brigadier general David McMurtrie Gregg and his staff, possibly taken at Fredericksburg in 1862. There is also one of Caleb Lyon whom Lincoln later appointed as governor of Idaho Territory. //// The photos were taken by famed photographer Matthew Brady. //// I recently bought a whole book of colorized Civil War photographs while visiting DeKalb, Illinois. This might be the resulting book from the colorization. The color brings a whole new flavor to the war. //// Smile for the Camera. --Old Secesh

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