Monday, April 7, 2014

Joshua Chamberlain's Medal of Honor Returned-- Part 3

After Chamberlain's death in 1914, the original Medal of Honor found its way through generations of descendants until the last-living one, granddaughter Rosamond Allen, died in 2000. //// Her estate was donated to the First Parish Church of Duxbury in Massachusetts. The medal was found among several books bought during a church fundraiser sale. //// The finder, and donor, had previously attempted to send the medal back, but had misaddressed the envelope. ///// After the war, Chamberlain was a professor, college president and state governor and was very proud of his Medal of Honor, wearing it quite often. //// It is made of brass and dulled by time and wear. Its suspension ribbon, both the 1893 and 1896 ones are slightly ragged. //// You can see his 1907 Medal of Honor Monday-Fridays at Baudoin College. //// --Old Secesh

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