Friday, April 11, 2014

Trees for Troops: One For Each Soldier Who Died-- Part 1

From the Fall 2012 Preservation Magazine. //// The Journey Through Hallowed Ground (JTHG) National Heritage Area Partnership plans to (it already has) launch its Living Legacy Project this fall in Oatlands, a National Trust Historic Site in Leesburg, Virginia. The project aims to plant one tree along the JTHG National Scenic Byway for each soldier who died during the Civil War. //// BY THE NUMBERS: 3,312: NEW TREES TO BE PLANTED in phase one of the project which will run from Oatlands to Gilbert's Corner in Loudon County, Virginia. //// 54,364 JOBS DEPENDENT on heritage tourism created within the JTHG National Heritage area. //// 50 CIVIL WAR BATTLES took place on sites within the JTHG Heritage Area, including Antietam, Fredericksburg, Wilderness, and Gettysburg-- the largest concentration of Civil War battlefields in the country. //// A Great Green Idea. --Old Secesh

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