Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lincoln's $5 CSA Note-- Part 2

These artifacts were donated to the Library of Congress in 1937 by Lincoln's grandaughter Mary Lincoln Isham. She donated the Confederate money and other items along with several books, daguerreotypes, a silver inkstand, Mary Todd Lincoln's pearl necklace and matching bracelet. //// Lincoln was carrying two pairs of spectacles that night: a patent model made by Burt & Hawley which had small cups at the end of short shanks to clasp the temples instead of ear pieces. //// Lincoln had often been photographed with them from August 1863 to february 1865. One of them was the famous photo of him and his son Tad examining a photo album at Matthew Brady's Washington, D.C., studio. The spectacles are set low on Lincoln's nose with the shanks catching his temples so he could easily look over them. //// A Bit of History in the Specs. --Old Secesh

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