Friday, April 4, 2014

Sherman's Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio: Not the Place for a Southern Boy

While returning home from a North Carolina trip a couple days ago, I spent the night in Lancaster, Ohio, as it had begun raining and I had already driven over 500 miles. After some looking, I found a hotel, checked in, went to the local B-Dub and played some NTN. //// Back at the hotel, I read about Lancaster's history and found that I was staying in the hometown of one William Tecumseh Sherman, a Union general of some repute in the South. //// This is the guy who, if you ordered your steak "Shermanized" in parts of the South, especially Georgia and South Carolina, it came to your table essentially burned. You know, that March to the Sea Guy. //// Well, I went to Galena, Illinois, on my homeymoon and many times since and that, of course, was once the home of one Ulysses S. Grant. //// I Don't Know, Though. Sleeping With the Enemy? --Old Secesh

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