Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Civil War Battlefield Art-- Part 1

From the May 2012 National Georgraphic Magazine by Harry Katz. //// Photography during the Civil War by such as Matthew Brady and Timothy O'Sullivan was way too slow to record movement in any other way than a blur. Nor, did they have an easy time maneuvering their bulky equipment over rough terrain. They had more success recording after action scenes. //// To give readers an idea of battlefield action, newspapers sent amateur and professional illustrators out to the battles and these "special artists" or "specials" became America's first pictorial war correspondents. //// And, it was a rough, even deadly experience. One special, James R. O'Neill, was killed by Quantrill's Raiders. Two others, C.E.F. Hillen and Theordore Davis were wounded. //// Frank Vizetelly was nearly killed at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virgina, i9n December 1862, when "a South Carolinian had a portion of his head carried away, within four yards of myself, by a shell." //// More to Come. --Old Secesh

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