Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lincoln's $5 CSA Note-- Part 3

Back to the Confederate $5 bill. //// The Confederate note was found quarter-folded inside a small, brown, silk-lined leather billfold. Also in it were a railroad ticket, US currency, notes and a small pencil. These were given to Mary Lincoln Isham by her father, Robert Lincoln, and kept by her family for seventy years. //// This Confederate note is featured in a Lincoln bicentennial exhibit "With Malace Toward None" to humanize him. //// I would sure like to know the story of how Abraham Lincoln came to have that $5 bill. Had he received it earlier during the war or when he visited Richmond? Did somebody give it to him? Perhaps General Grant or maybe a freed slave? //// That Sure Would Be Interesting to Know. --Old Secesh

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