Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Discussion and Movie on Sherman-- Part 3: Easing Up on North Carolina

Sherman was shown to be a master of strategy.  he saw the destruction his men were inflicting as necessary to shorten the war.  Destroy the ability and will to continue fighting.

Sherman had 60,000 men in two wings forming a 60-mile wide front and path of destruction.  They burned and pillaged their way across Georgia and South Carolina.  However, when they reached North Carolina, he had his men ease up on the destruction partly because the state was the last one to join the Confederacy.

That didn't stop them from burning the Fayetteville Arsenal, though.  Actually, i have heard that Sherman specifically ordered its destruction as it had provided much ordnance and ammunition to the Confederacy.

After leaving Fayetteville, Sherman feinted toward Raleigh to keep Joe Johnston and his Confederate Army guessing as to his destination, which was the railroad hub of Goldsboro.

--Old Secesh

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