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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 63: Blacks Should Address a Greater Problem

Unfortunately, reading these headlines over the last several months gives an idea of where all this is heading.  And, all the while, the blacks who seem to be the most offended by the Confederate Flag and are all into the Black Lives Matter thing, especially where it concerns racist whites killing blacks, don't seem to be that concerned about the black on black murders that take place daily across the United States and nowhere more evident than in Chicago.

Chicago set a record in September with 60 murders, most of whom are black.  And there is one day left.  Over one recent 18 hour period, six were murdered and an 11-month-old child wounded.  By the way, for the Black Lives Matter folk, two white police officers are credited with saving the child's life.

Now, I know that not all of the murders were of blacks, but a lot of them were.  Unfortunately, the local media doesn't keep tabs on the number of blacks who are killed, just the overall numbers.  But when I see pictures in the Tribune or TV reports, the people I see are most often black and the areas the murders occur are in black areas of the city.

I'd have to say the time has come to get priorities straight.  Blacks kill far more other blacks than the Confederate Flag or symbols do.

Time to Stop Lamenting, Crying and Saying Something Needs to Be Done and Do Something.  --Old Secesh

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