Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 45

Headlines from Google Alerts for September, 12, 2015.  When the location is not in the headline, I attempt to find out where it takes place, but am not always successful as sometimes it is well hidden.  I wish all newspapers would put what city they are located in right up by their banner.

Steve Earle sings "Mississippi, It's Time" to drop Confederate Symbol from the state flag.  (I saw the video.  Good song, unfortunately.  Sadly, I may have to turn in all my Steve Earle albums and CDs, though.  I'm a big fan, but....)

DMV ships out new plates without Confederate Flag.  (Virginia)

Confederate Flag causes controversy at Sonora High School.  (California)

Lloyd Daggett says opposition to Confederate Flag limits delayed House action on spending.  (Texas)

WCCC bans Confederate Flag clothing.  (Washington County Career Center either Ohio or West Virginia.)

Confederate Flag at Pioneer festival sent wrong message.  (Kentucky)

Hood: Columnist went 'A Bridge Too Far' in Confederate critique.  (Athens, Georgia?)

Letter: No lack of maturity in Confederate debate.  (Louisiana)

Carving depicts three Confederate figures from the Civil War.  (Trip Advisor on Stone Mountain, Ga.)

--Old Secesh

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