Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Frank Crawford Talks About His New Book "In the Shadows of Lincoln"-- Part 2

Frank Crawford had both of his books with him and was selling them at about 2/3 of what you get get it for on Amazon, $20 each.  I was tempted to buy one, especially after finding he was a history buff after my own heart   One more interested in the "small history."

But, I already have too many books and need to start getting rid of some, one reason I usually got to meetings with old college books on the war to the McHenry Civil War Round Table meetings for their raffle.

Crawford said he chose twenty men for his "In the Shadows of Lincoln" book.  Each one of them had something to do with Lincoln's assassination.  They did things heroic and not so heroic.  Who were they, what had they been doing before and what happened to them afterwards.

What happened to the Union soldier who let John Wilkes Booth and David Herold leave Washington?

What happened to the man who fought off Seward's attacker that night.

What about the man chosen to stand under Marry Surratt's hanging spot at Old Capitol Prison?  Mr. Crawford said he had been wounded at the Battle of Petersburg and had lost a finger.  He was now in the Veterans Reserve Corps and chosen to be a knocker.

What Is a Knocker at a Hanging?  --Old Secesh

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