Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 46

From the September 11, 2015, Google Alerts under the word Confederate.

Hear Steve Earle's call for Mississippi to lose Confederate battle flag.  "It's Time, Mississippi."

Redesigned Sons of Confederate Veterans Virginia License Plates Shipped.  (The SCV logo, featuring the Confederate Flag was dropped.  Personally, if I had one, I'd cancel it.  But, I guess that is the only way the SCV could keep it in today's political climate.)

Virginia spends thousands to replace Confederate license plates.  (I am so sad about their spending all the money.)

LSU NAACP 'Confederate Barbecue' was blown way out of proportion. students say.  (And KA Fraternity can't march in Confederate uniforms because it might offend someone.  Time to get this offending stuff more equal.)

6 named to panel to plan Confederate Flag display.

Pace football team captain suspended for appearing to do Nazi salute while draped in Confederate Flag in Snapchat photo.  (Pace University in New York)

David Duke joins student demonstration on LSU's campus in support of Confederate symbol.  (Just what we need, his support.)

Confederate Flag sales won't be banned at NE Ohio fair.  (OK, one small win for our side.  But the fact that it was even considered shows how bad we have lost.)

Perspective: If Florida boots Confederate general's statue, here are some candidates to replace him.

--Old Secesh

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