Monday, September 21, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 53

Google Alerts from September 18, 2015.

NAACP seeks dialogue amid protests over Confederate Flag.  (Christiansburg, Virginia)

Ole Miss player delivers message to fans with Confederate flags.  (Mississippi.  He was a black player, what do you suppose he had to say?)

Donor for Confederate Statue Removal in New Orleans Remains Anonymous.

Durham school board urged to tackle Confederate Flag ban.  (N.C.)

Neighbor dispute involving Confederate Flag is subject of grand jury probe.  (Shreveport, Louisiana)

Lebanon County teen kicked out of school for wearing Confederate Flag shirt.  (Pennsylvania)

Suspended students protest school ban on Confederate Flags.  (Christiansburg, Virginia)

If Anything Offends Anyone, It Must Be Banned.  I'll Start Listing Things That Offend Me.  --Old Secesh

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