Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 44

From the September 9, 2015 Google Alerts.

California lawmakers vote to ban Confederate names from public buildings,

Alexandria City Council Votes to Ban Flying of Confederate Flags.  (Virginia)

Lawmaker seeks to replace statue of Confederate general (Florida)  This would be the statue of Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith in the U.S. Capitol since 1922.)

Dowd YMCA plans to remove monument with Confederate battle flag carving.  (Charlotte, N.C.)

Lorain County Fair Board unanimously votes to permit Confederate Flag.  (Ohio)

Judge orders Confederate memorabilia removed from Pittsylvania County courtroom.  (Chatham, Virginia)

Ploice Argument over Confederate Flag led to Rock Hill assault.  (Either Ga. or S.C.)

Lawsuit challenges Gov. Bentley's authority to remove Confederate Flags from Capitol grounds dismissed.  (Alabama)

LSU students plan 'Confederate barbecue' as protest against Daughters of Confederacy meeting.  (Louisiana)

--Old Secesh

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