Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wish I had the Courage to Do That

Today, while at the Wal-Mart in McHenry, Illinois, I saw a pickup truck in the parking lot flying both a United States and a Confederate Flag.  I wish I had that kind of courage to thumb my nose at the great mass of pc-ers who have jumped on the anti-Confederate bandwagon.

I imagine I would be in big trouble now as I had a painting of Robert E. Lee in my classroom as well as wore a Confederate Flag belt buckle while teaching.  My key ring has a C.S.A. on it and I've had it for around 35 years.

Plus, my truck had a Sons of Confederate Veterans emblem on it.  That is the one that has caused such an uproar because it had the battle flag on it.  I used to drive it to school and park it in the lot.

And i never had one negative word about any of those.

I guess I would no longer be allowed to do this in today's climate.

--Old Secesh

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