Saturday, July 9, 2016

And, Then There Is Dallas

Five dead policemen.  Five who died while trying to keep peace for a Black Lives Matter parade so these people could have a protest about blacks being killed by police.  Hey, this parade was against them, but there they were, doing their job.

And then a black man killed them in cold blood.  They didn't even get a chance to resist or challenge him as so many blacks do to the police.

Thankfully, he evidently was killing alone.  It would have been so much worse had this been an organized thing by blacks.

Looks like the BLM folks have their own idiots much like white racists had the murderer in Charleston.

But, if  those of us who are proud of our Confederate heritage have to take the blame for Charleston, who should take the blame for Dallas?

Does this mean that now whites can start going after things blacks hold near and dear to them like they do to our Confederate heritage?  Maybe start demanding anything named after blacks be "erased."  And, then there is rap music and visible underwear, both of which go a long way toward the "thug" mentality which is at the root of so much of this police-black problems.

What is Good for the Goose ....  --Old Secesh

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